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NC Industrial Commission Medical Fees Section

Our Mission

We are committed to providing prompt and efficient service to all Workers' Compensation clients, ensuring timely and accurate bill processing. We also serve all customers by answering inquiries regarding the North Carolina Worker's Compensation Medical Fee Schedule and by resolving medical fee disputes.

What We Do

The Medical Fees Section is responsible for processing bills for medical services provided as a result of a Workers’ Compensation claim. Medical bills are reviewed and, where necessary, adjusted in accordance with the Industrial Commission’s Medical Fee Schedule and mailed to the insurance carrier or self-insurer handling the claim for processing. We respond to medical inquires, resolve medical fee disputes and are responsible for the review and update of the Medical Fee Schedule. In accordance with N.C. Gen. Stat. §97-26(i), the Industrial Commission has adopted a new Medical Provider Fee Dispute Resolution Procedure. A copy of the procedures to address medical provider fee disputes may be obtained at /ncic/pages/MedProvDRP.pdf.

The Medical Fees Section is directed by Meredith Henderson, Executive Secretary of the Commission.

How We Can Help

We can assist Employees, Employers, Carriers, Medical Providers, Attorneys and any other interested parties with questions and information on the medical fee schedule, or billing and travel rate questions.

What We Cannot Do

We do not reimburse for any type of medical service, including medical bills, claims or travel bills (Form 25T). The workers' compensation insurance carrier or the self-insured employers are responsible for reimbursement.

We are not an insurance carrier. Please verify with the patient or employer who his or her workers' compensation insurance carrier is.

We do not authorize or approve medical services for employees. Please contact the workers' compensation insurance carrier or self-insured employer.